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Some useful travel apps for your mobile devices that you must have

#1 Waze

If you are traveling by car in a busy city anywhere in the world this is an application that you will want to have whether you are on holiday or not.

It was actually bought by Google a while ago as it uses the same type of technology that Google maps uses but allows users from all over the place to update the traffic information.

If you are in a foreign place and stuck, or need to know the best route to take to get to where you want to go this application is bound to get you there.  You may even be able to help someone else out as well.

It comes free for both Android and iOS

#2 Google Trips

Google trips helps you map out complete itineraries for you wherever you are.

It automatically will map to various sights, restaurants, pubs, places of interest that you are near.  If you like what you see, you simply tap the wand and it will grow your itinerary with the various choices you have been making.
it is also a great application to find out what is around you at all time.

It is your complete itinerary from you flights to your places to be right there at your fingertips on your mobile device.  No sloppy papers that get muddled and lost.  The best thing of all it will also work if your device is off line so when you arrive at your destination you still have your full plan all neatly mapped out to hand.

It comes free for both Android and iOS

#3 Hopper

One of the best flight booking applications out there.  Like playing the markets with flights as this application will tell you when the best time to buy a flight is or to wait until the there is a better price.  Once you have set the flight you want the application will let you know when the price is right.

It predictive algorithms and millions of programmed flights give it a 95% accuracy rate for you flight bookings.
The great thing is you can also book the flight right from your mobile device where ever you are.

It comes free for both Android and iOS

#4 Accuweather

No one wants bad weather when on holiday and we cannot really predict it on our own.

This neat application provides weather services for over one-hundred languages and is used by over one-billion people.

It gives long term and up to the minute forecasts and pin-points the forecast to your exact location.

It comes free for both Android and iOS

Author:Michele Patterson