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The Best Travel Agencies And Car Rental Companies For Planning Your Turkish Holiday


Book through a reputed Turkish travel agent

The best way to book for hotels, cars, etc. in Turkey is to do so through a travel agency that is adept at travel in and around Turkey.  That way you have someone to help you deal with any problems or disputes that may arise during your trip.  Especially when you don’t know the language, customs, etc.

Best travel agencies and car rental companies in Turkey

Efendi Travel

This is a great travel agency for those travelling on a budget.

They cater for people on a moderate to a deluxe budget and have numerous guided tours, flight and car rental packages available to suit everyone.

They are also well known for the great backpacker packages and adventure travels.

They offer great airport transfers to your hotel for almost the same price as a taxi which makes a lot more sense especially for your first time there.  You will get directly to where you want to go right away in the comfort of a luxury to semi-luxury vehicle which will be waiting for you.

This company is part of the Fatih Seyahat they have many years’ experience in the travel and accommodation industry.  Being a well-established and well-known firm, they have affiliations throughout Turkey.  So, you can relax and know that your travels will have backup and support plan where ever you may be travelling in Turkey.

Anker Travel

Wanting to see the Greek Isles, Italy, Lebanon and Egypt taking a ferry/boat cruise?  Then this is the agency we would recommend using.

They have twenty odd years of experience in tailor made excursions for both Turkey and Greece.

They will help from air ticket if required getting you the best deals available for your purpose, your boat trip to a full planned excursion itinerary.

All you need to do is set the budget and show up to enjoy a wonderful trip of adventure and fun.

Auto Europe

Their main motto is “They do not believe that customers that pay less should expect less” they pride themselves in their competitive rates and excellent service.  No matter which package their customer purchases from them.

Most of their customers are repeat customers and they usually always receive five start customer ratings.

They have some of the best offers on the various accessories their customer many require when renting a car too. Plus, they have a large fleet of vehicles to suit most everyone’s need from small cars to large one for bigger travel groups or families.

With over sixty years’ experience in the car rental business they have also expanded to be able to offer more travel services.

These include services such as:

  • Worldwide three to five-star hotel bookings
  • Air travel between the USA and Europe
  • Airport and chauffeur transport services
  • Motorhomes style rentals
  • Sports and luxury car rentals

Always ensure you know the rules of the road and that your license entitles you to drive in Turkey before setting off on a road trip around the country.

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