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4 Top Things To Know Before Travelling To Turkey


Travelling to Turkey

Turkey is a country fused in beauty, mystery, diverse cultures and rich history.  The country is filled with adventure, beauty and mystery.  Although it is somewhat cosmopolitan they still have their traditions!

4 Top things to know before travelling to Turkey

#1 The Turkish can be a friendly lot

The Turkish do tend to be friendly and if you learnt a bit of their language it goes a long way to gaining a bit of respect from the Turkish people.

It will also help you be a bit more discerning as to who is on the level and those that are sharks looking to take advantage of a tourist.

Sometimes a greeting can meet something quite different to what you may think.

As in any foreign country one must take the utmost of care.

#2 Visas

There are quite a few countries that need Visas to travel to Turkey.

Always check before buying your ticket.

You will also need a passport with at least six months on it before expiry.

Visa’s can take a few weeks to obtain so ensure you get your travel documents in order before planning and paying for your trip.

Turizm.Net is a top site to visit to find out if you require a visa to travel to Turkey or not.  It will also tell you the cost.

You can also check with the Turkish embassy in your own country.

#3 Money

Although there are ATM’s throughout Turkey they may be a bit different to the ones you are used to, and you may be in a place where they are hard to find.

They best way to carry your money is either in dollars or euros.  Be sure to carry smaller notes rather than the larger denominations.

It is also advisable to have a credit card like a Visa or Mastercard that are accepted worldwide.

Travelers cheques are not really accepted in most places in Turkey and the only places you can really change them are at post offices and banks.  This will probably turn out to be quite frustrating and time consuming for you.  There are always huge queues and long waits in these institutes not to mention how high their fees are for exchanging these.

#4 Dress

In the Eastern part of Turkey they are more traditional, and it is best for woman to dress more formally.

Woman should not wear tight clothing, cover their knees, shoulders and wear a high neckline.  Absolutely no tight fitting or form hugging close which show cleavage or your knees.  In fact, to gain some of their respect and blend in, it is a good idea to go to the markets and get a feel for how the woman dress then purchase an item or two.  The woman there will not mind helping you and showing you how to properly wear the items you may choose.

You do not have to cover your hair unless you are planning to visit one of their mosques’.

When visiting a mosque it is important to ensure you wear a long skirt, cover your shoulder and hair with a nice scarf.  It is also a good idea to wear a nice pair of tights or capris beneath your long dress.  You will also have to remove your shoes upon entry to the mosque.

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Author:Michele Patterson