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2 Top Attractions Everyone Should Visit When Holidaying In Turkey


Discover Turkey

Turkey a country filled with monuments to the various conquerors, steeped in the mystery of its culture and the wonders of its many unique wares.  The country has splashes of vibrant and beautiful landscapes from the sparkling sun kissed Mediterranean to the proud mountains that watch over their cities.

There is no lack of adventure, culture and beauty to get yourself lost in when you visit Turkey.

Top 2 attractions everyone should visit when holidaying in Turkey

#1 Ephesus

Once the mighty city that flourished during the Golden rule of the Roman Republic in 129 BC.
The city was built by Greek Colonists namely, Ionian and Attic in the tenth century it was built on what was the former Arzawan capital.

This city is a great example of Roman architecture around that century and is one of the most complete Roman cities still to be standing along this area of the Mediterranean.

It is a truly magnificent sight that will take a person most of the day to walk around and see.  With its massive monuments and intricate design of the large marbled column road network.

Stepping into these ancient ruins takes a person back into a time as you visit a theatre that could seat about twenty-five thousand people.  There is also the ancient library of Celsus and Ephesus was listed in the book of Revelations as one of the seven churches of Asia.  It is speculated that the Gospel of John may have been written here.

#2 Pamukkale

This site is known as the Cotton Castle and legend has it that the white formations are solidified cotton which was left there to dry out by the giants that once lived in the area.  Cotton is the area’s primary farming crop.

For generations this area has drawn people from far and wide to partake in the healing mineral springs.
The name refers to the limestone that drips down the sides of the large formation which has been created by the calcium rich springs flowing down over it for many a millennia.

It was known as one of the ancient wonders of the world.

The city of Hieropolis was built over it in ancient times and as it was a huge tourist draw for centuries hotels were built around it so tourist could enjoy the milky foaming pools of miner enriched waters.

Right up to the twentieth century saw hotels built so near to the site it started to cause major damage there was even an approach road that led right up to some of the banks of the pools.  Until it was declared a world heritage site in 1988 when the hotels were demolished, and roads removed.  The preservation of the site limits tourists to certain points to ensure it is there for many more generation to enjoy.

It is also famous for a gave where the underground volcanic activity forced carbon dioxide into a cave that was called Plutonium.  In Pamukkale Plutonium means “Place of the god Pluto”.  This cave was set as the center stage for of various priests of Cybele who found ways to be seen surviving the noxious gas as they performed their religious ceremonies thereby looking as if they had been blessed with immunity by Pluto himself.

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Author:Michele Patterson