The Best Travel Agencies And Car Rental Companies For Planning Your Turkish Holiday


Book through a reputed Turkish travel agent

The best way to book for hotels, cars, etc. in Turkey is to do so through a travel agency that is adept at travel in and around Turkey.  That way you have someone to help you deal with any problems or disputes that may arise during your trip.  Especially when you don’t know the language, customs, etc.

Best travel agencies and car rental companies in Turkey

Efendi Travel

This is a great travel agency for those travelling on a budget.

They cater for people on a moderate to a deluxe budget and have numerous guided tours, flight and car rental packages available to suit everyone.

They are also well known for the great backpacker packages and adventure travels.

They offer great airport transfers to your hotel for almost the same price as a taxi which makes a lot more sense especially for your first time there.  You will get directly to where you want to go right away in the comfort of a luxury to semi-luxury vehicle which will be waiting for you.

This company is part of the Fatih Seyahat they have many years’ experience in the travel and accommodation industry.  Being a well-established and well-known firm, they have affiliations throughout Turkey.  So, you can relax and know that your travels will have backup and support plan where ever you may be travelling in Turkey.

Anker Travel

Wanting to see the Greek Isles, Italy, Lebanon and Egypt taking a ferry/boat cruise?  Then this is the agency we would recommend using.

They have twenty odd years of experience in tailor made excursions for both Turkey and Greece.

They will help from air ticket if required getting you the best deals available for your purpose, your boat trip to a full planned excursion itinerary.

All you need to do is set the budget and show up to enjoy a wonderful trip of adventure and fun.

Auto Europe

Their main motto is “They do not believe that customers that pay less should expect less” they pride themselves in their competitive rates and excellent service.  No matter which package their customer purchases from them.

Most of their customers are repeat customers and they usually always receive five start customer ratings.

They have some of the best offers on the various accessories their customer many require when renting a car too. Plus, they have a large fleet of vehicles to suit most everyone’s need from small cars to large one for bigger travel groups or families.

With over sixty years’ experience in the car rental business they have also expanded to be able to offer more travel services.

These include services such as:

  • Worldwide three to five-star hotel bookings
  • Air travel between the USA and Europe
  • Airport and chauffeur transport services
  • Motorhomes style rentals
  • Sports and luxury car rentals

Always ensure you know the rules of the road and that your license entitles you to drive in Turkey before setting off on a road trip around the country.

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5 Unspoken Turkish Social Rules And Graces Not Many People Know About


Social rules and graces

Every culture has various etiquette and good manner practices.  The thing is, they are basically different in nearly every culture.  Even simple hand gestures or eating with a spoon instead of a fork may be considered something different in another social culture.
The best thing to do before visiting a country that you know has different ways to the ones you are used to you should look up everything you can about their culture which is really easy to do in this day and age.  Especially in places like Turkey where they take their culture and traditions very seriously.

5 Unspoken Turkish social rules and graces

#1 In Turkey you must never:

  • Never chew gum, there are certain places that this is a HUGE no, no like at a public gathering, or while talking to someone. But really, they just do not enjoy people chewing gum it is deemed rude.
  • Pointing a finger at someone is offensive and you could land in a bit of a pickle for doing so.
  • They do not abide by open swearing and any display of drunk and disorderly conduct is dealt with in a manner that is rather uncomfortable for the perpetrator.
  • It is considered very, very rude to either pick your teeth or blow your nose during a meal.
  • Never show anyone the bottom of your feet, this goes for putting your feet up whilst sitting as well. So, NO propping your feet on the coffee table!

#2 No personal space

The Turkish like to stand close to you when they are talking to you.  By no means back away as that is considered rude.

Never ever touch someone though without their explicit permission either.

#3 The host always pays for dinner

In Turkish culture if someone invites you out for a meal it basically means they are the ones footing the bill.  There is no such thing as splitting the tab in Turkey but what you can do is to return the invitation once dinner is over and you are leaving.

#4 Don’t leave your guests too early

If you are visiting friend in Turkey you must never leave before midnight because it is like telling them they did not do a good hosting job.  It is considered an insult to their hosting skills.  The Turks like to have a long night of chatting, drinking their favorite drink and letting any kids stay up late to treat them as well.

#5 The Turkish love of tea

Turkish love their tea or cay and will drink what seems like gallons of it each day.  At a meal they will serve it between every course.  Once you have drunk your first glass they will keep topping it up until you indicate you have had enough by placing your teaspoon across the top of your mug.

#6 You hosts love gifts

It is the polite and expected thing to do when visiting in Turkey.  You can take flowers and or chocolate or their favorite bottle of Raki.

If you are leaning towards the flowers be sure to ask the florist for advice on which flowers are best to take your hosts as you don’t want to arrive with a bunch of flowers that may have some traditional meaning of sorts.

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2 Top Attractions Everyone Should Visit When Holidaying In Turkey


Discover Turkey

Turkey a country filled with monuments to the various conquerors, steeped in the mystery of its culture and the wonders of its many unique wares.  The country has splashes of vibrant and beautiful landscapes from the sparkling sun kissed Mediterranean to the proud mountains that watch over their cities.

There is no lack of adventure, culture and beauty to get yourself lost in when you visit Turkey.

Top 2 attractions everyone should visit when holidaying in Turkey

#1 Ephesus

Once the mighty city that flourished during the Golden rule of the Roman Republic in 129 BC.
The city was built by Greek Colonists namely, Ionian and Attic in the tenth century it was built on what was the former Arzawan capital.

This city is a great example of Roman architecture around that century and is one of the most complete Roman cities still to be standing along this area of the Mediterranean.

It is a truly magnificent sight that will take a person most of the day to walk around and see.  With its massive monuments and intricate design of the large marbled column road network.

Stepping into these ancient ruins takes a person back into a time as you visit a theatre that could seat about twenty-five thousand people.  There is also the ancient library of Celsus and Ephesus was listed in the book of Revelations as one of the seven churches of Asia.  It is speculated that the Gospel of John may have been written here.

#2 Pamukkale

This site is known as the Cotton Castle and legend has it that the white formations are solidified cotton which was left there to dry out by the giants that once lived in the area.  Cotton is the area’s primary farming crop.

For generations this area has drawn people from far and wide to partake in the healing mineral springs.
The name refers to the limestone that drips down the sides of the large formation which has been created by the calcium rich springs flowing down over it for many a millennia.

It was known as one of the ancient wonders of the world.

The city of Hieropolis was built over it in ancient times and as it was a huge tourist draw for centuries hotels were built around it so tourist could enjoy the milky foaming pools of miner enriched waters.

Right up to the twentieth century saw hotels built so near to the site it started to cause major damage there was even an approach road that led right up to some of the banks of the pools.  Until it was declared a world heritage site in 1988 when the hotels were demolished, and roads removed.  The preservation of the site limits tourists to certain points to ensure it is there for many more generation to enjoy.

It is also famous for a gave where the underground volcanic activity forced carbon dioxide into a cave that was called Plutonium.  In Pamukkale Plutonium means “Place of the god Pluto”.  This cave was set as the center stage for of various priests of Cybele who found ways to be seen surviving the noxious gas as they performed their religious ceremonies thereby looking as if they had been blessed with immunity by Pluto himself.

The Top 2 Unique Hotels To Stay At When Visiting Turkey


The many hotel options in Turkey

There is a myriad of first class hotels and top-notch bed and breakfasts to stay at in Turkey.  Whenever you go to book a hotel it is always best to do so through an established experienced travel agent to avoid disappointment and having to find another one upon arrival.

2 Top and unique hotels to stay when in Turkey

#1 Hotel Sultania

This unique hotel located in the heart of Istanbul in the Sultanahmet district makes everyone feel like a sultan.
Their rooms are modernized ottoman style.  Their rich fabrics and flamboyant décor makes a person feel like they have stepped into a room of a palace.

They have free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, mini-dock stations for your iPhone/iPad/iPod, tea/coffee making facilities and a fully stocked mini-bar.

A luxury marble en-suit bathroom offers a bathrobe, slippers, hairdryer and free toiletries.

They have room service and turn-down service.

Their amazing breakfast is filled with freshly home made breads, pastries and jams.  These compliment their mouthwatering omelets, freshly brewed coffee and squeezed juices all part of the complimentary morning service.
You will also receive afternoon tea served with delicious pasteries and refreshments, these are also presented to guests upon arrival at the hotel.

There is fine dining at the Olive restaurant which is the hotels roof-top eating place with an amazing view of Bosphorus and Hagia Sophia.

The hotel is also centrally located for easy access to all the main sites and entertainment.

This hotel gets consistent five-star rating reviews from guests that have stayed there and so comes highly recommended.

#2 Sumahan on the water

Situated in Çengelköy, the waterfront of Bosphorus, this is on the Asian-side of Istanbul.
This five-star hotel is a restored nineteenth-century Ottoman distillery.  It’s unique name coming from the Raki which was the famous Ottoman tipple.

The hotel is one of the best in the city and embraces the architecture of a by-gone era.

The hotel is full of luxury modern conveniences, indulgent wellness center, with excellent dining in the waterfront bistro and close to all amenities.

Watch the sunset on the water from the comfort of your luxurious airconditioned room.  Complete with en-suite bathroom, tea/coffee making facilities and complimentary toiletries.

There are thirteen uniquely styled rooms on offer from the Executive Suite to the Family Loft Suite, the Loft Suite and Deluxe suite.

All the rooms mostly have a panoramic view of the water, mini bars, hair dryers amongst other modern conveniences.

The Family Loft Suite offers a split level studio suite, with a sofa bed and fire place in the downstairs living room and glass doors exiting to the gardens.

The Executive Suite has either a Queen size or two twin beds, fire place and can be joined with a deluxe room for an extra bedroom to accommodate a family.

The Loft Suite is a smaller version of the Family Loft
The Deluxe room has a queen size or twin beds and a fire place in the seating area.
This hotel receives five star reviews for customer satisfaction and service.

The 9 Main Rules Of The Road For Road-tripping Through Turkey


Road safety advice in Turkey

Turkey has an average of thirteen deaths per one-hundred-thousand people for road accidents.  Although there are tough laws on things like blood alcohol levels, safety belts and speed limits they are not really enforced efficiently.

They are one of the countries that are included in a road safety project to be introduced over a five-year span to correct these inadequacies.  This project is being done by six international partners consortium led by the Ministry of Health under a national steering committee.  The project is set to be implemented in the cities of Ankara and Afyon.  It will focus on managing speed with better enforced and implemented speed limits as well as promoting the wearing of safety belts.

Driving rules in Turkey

#1 What side of the road do you drive on in Turkey?

In Turkey you drive on the right-hand side of the road.

This means short-right turns and long left turns.

#2 Electronic devices

As with any country the use of mobile devices such as phones and tablets are strictly forbidden whilst driving, especially in

Although it is legal to use a handsfree kit it is still a major distraction when driving and a person should try to avoid speaking on their device while they are in control of any vehicle.

#3 Seatbelts

The driver and ALL passengers should wear their seatbelts always whilst travelling in the vehicle.
Failure to do so could incur major penalties and heavy fines.

It is also dangerous not to wear it and could very cause fatal injuries due to failure of putting it on.

#4 Alcohol and driving

The legal blood alcohol limit is 0.5% and if a person is caught over this limit they will have their license taken away for up to six months as well as face heavy fines.
Causing an accident whilst under the influence could lead to serious prosecution.

#5 Drivers License

All countries that have a non-Roman alphabet are required to acquire an international drivers license.  Or a copy of a Turkish notarized one.  You can check your country drivers license requirement with the Turkish embassy or your travel agent.
Always have your travel documents, rental car papers, passport and license with you when driving or when you rent a BMW in Barcelona.

#6 Speed Limits

Turkey, as there are everywhere else in the world, has speed camera’s mounted in all areas.

The speed limits are:

  • In Rural areas – 90 km/h or 55 mph
  • In Urban areas – 50 km/h or 31 mph
  • On Motorways – 120 km/h or 74 mph

#7 Travelling with children

All children when seated must wear safety belts.

children that weigh 35kb or less and or are under 150 cm tall must have and be seated in a secure car seat professionally fitted.  This should be provided and done for you by your car rental company.  It is not advisable or safe to try and do this yourself.

#8 Headlights

Your headlights should be on always whilst driving in Turkey (during the night and day)

#9 In case of an accident

Should you be involved in an accident do not move your vehicle if you are able you should call the police and emergency services should they be required immediately.

Start swapping information with the other driver(s) and take any witness numbers and information.

4 Top Things To Know Before Travelling To Turkey


Travelling to Turkey

Turkey is a country fused in beauty, mystery, diverse cultures and rich history.  The country is filled with adventure, beauty and mystery.  Although it is somewhat cosmopolitan they still have their traditions!

4 Top things to know before travelling to Turkey

#1 The Turkish can be a friendly lot

The Turkish do tend to be friendly and if you learnt a bit of their language it goes a long way to gaining a bit of respect from the Turkish people.

It will also help you be a bit more discerning as to who is on the level and those that are sharks looking to take advantage of a tourist.

Sometimes a greeting can meet something quite different to what you may think.

As in any foreign country one must take the utmost of care.

#2 Visas

There are quite a few countries that need Visas to travel to Turkey.

Always check before buying your ticket.

You will also need a passport with at least six months on it before expiry.

Visa’s can take a few weeks to obtain so ensure you get your travel documents in order before planning and paying for your trip.

Turizm.Net is a top site to visit to find out if you require a visa to travel to Turkey or not.  It will also tell you the cost.

You can also check with the Turkish embassy in your own country.

#3 Money

Although there are ATM’s throughout Turkey they may be a bit different to the ones you are used to, and you may be in a place where they are hard to find.

They best way to carry your money is either in dollars or euros.  Be sure to carry smaller notes rather than the larger denominations.

It is also advisable to have a credit card like a Visa or Mastercard that are accepted worldwide.

Travelers cheques are not really accepted in most places in Turkey and the only places you can really change them are at post offices and banks.  This will probably turn out to be quite frustrating and time consuming for you.  There are always huge queues and long waits in these institutes not to mention how high their fees are for exchanging these.

#4 Dress

In the Eastern part of Turkey they are more traditional, and it is best for woman to dress more formally.

Woman should not wear tight clothing, cover their knees, shoulders and wear a high neckline.  Absolutely no tight fitting or form hugging close which show cleavage or your knees.  In fact, to gain some of their respect and blend in, it is a good idea to go to the markets and get a feel for how the woman dress then purchase an item or two.  The woman there will not mind helping you and showing you how to properly wear the items you may choose.

You do not have to cover your hair unless you are planning to visit one of their mosques’.

When visiting a mosque it is important to ensure you wear a long skirt, cover your shoulder and hair with a nice scarf.  It is also a good idea to wear a nice pair of tights or capris beneath your long dress.  You will also have to remove your shoes upon entry to the mosque.